2008 Awards Banquet Video (22 minutes 18 seconds in length)

Sharing your Story - photos taken at the annual- ENST (Excellence in National Service Training) 01/24/2007

AmeriCorps Week 2007 Photos


************Program Headline News************

AmeriCorps Helps River Town Take A Stand

Anyone Lose An ATM Machine?

Souper Bowl Weekend of Caring

AmeriCorps Sets Up Volunteer Center To Help Storm Victims

Clean Up Draws 200


Programmatic Workshops and Events

1) Informational Workshops -- These workshops take place in October -- November of each year. They are basically for people interested in applying for AmeriCorps, but do not have a basic knowledge of National Service. The workshops consist of an overview of AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Senior Corps and Learn & Serve America. After attending the informational workshops, attendees are invited to submit a concept paper to the MCSC to insure that they grasp the AmeriCorps concept prior to submitting an application.

2) Application Workshops -- These workshops take place in November and are designed specifically for applicants who are serious about submitting an application for AmeriCorps*State funds. Ideally, they've attended the Informational Workshop and submitted a concept paper prior. They are walked through the application, page-by-page, to ensure their complete and thorough understanding.

3) Excellence in National Service Training -- This is a mandatory training that takes place in January. This training is a kick-off of the new calendar year. Its purpose is to bring different streams of National Service partners together to network. Program specific workshops are held over a two-day period and plenary sessions are also held.

4) Missouri Service Day -- This day will take place the end of April of each year. AmeriCorps Members and Learn & Serve Members will travel to Jefferson City to visit the Capitol and tour the Governor's Mansion. They will also educate Legislators on the impacts made in communities by AmeriCorps and other Streams of Service. In addition, this is a time when AmeriCorps Members will receive training to further their understanding of education awards and other AmeriCorps specific benefits such as child care, health care, etc.

5) Program Directors' Training Part I - Programmatic -- This training takes place in June and kicks off the program year. This is a time when seasoned program directors meet new program directors.  Both new and seasoned program directors are trained on reporting requirements, compliance procedures, submission of reimbursement requests, AmeriCorps Provisions, supervising and recruiting members, using the web-based reporting system, etc. We will also have someone from the various health care providers speak to them about Members' health care benefits. In addition, we will thoroughly review the contracts between the organizations and the Missouri Department of Economic Development for their AmeriCorps funding.

6) Program Directors' Training Part II - Fiscal Management and Oversight Training -- This training will take place in July and will cover all financial aspects of conducting a successful AmeriCorps program. Most programs start their programs the beginning of August or early September, so PD (Program Director's) training and fiscal training should enable the program directors to successfully recruit, orientate, train and supervise members. In addition, they will leave the fiscal training with the proper tools for fiscal oversight and management of their programs and will know how and when to submit various reports and reimbursement requests to the MCSC. During this training, we also review audit issues, new rules, and other pertinent information with the programs.

7) Show-Me Service Training - This training will take place in October and is geared toward AmeriCorps Members. By this time, program directors have had the opportunity to recruit and train Members. All programs should be fully operational and in full attendance at this training. We will place special emphasis on training Members in areas of team building, Emergency Management, and member contracts.

8) Site Visits -- Every program, both new and seasoned, will receive at least one site visit per year. Programs with findings or those who rated high on the risk analysis will receive several visits or as many that may be determined necessary to bring the program into compliance. We use an extensive site monitoring tool that is based on AmeriCorps Provisions. Confidential Member interviews are a part of this monitoring process.  It is also typical for one or several commissioners to accompany the Compliance officer or other staff member during the first hour of a scheduled site visit.   This hour is dedicated to educating the commissioner about the program by providing a brief one-hour tour.

9)  Program Directors' Quarterly Meetings - Program Directors meet quarterly to discuss issues, best practices, and to receive updates and training from commission staff.

10) MOSST (Missouri Summer Service Training) -- This is equivalent to "Life After AmeriCorps" training.   The purpose of MOSST is to assist 2nd year Members in making the transition from AmeriCorps to the next logical step in their life.  Whether it be moving into permanent employment, starting a not-for-profit, joining the Peace Corps, or attending school; Commission Staff and Program Directors are there to provide assistance to them in any way possible.   This is also a time for first year Members to start thinking about their next choice in life after their AmeriCorps experience.  These trainings are typically held regionally with cooperation from local businesses, colleges, employment offices, Peace Corps representatives, military representatives, the not-for-profit sector, American Humanics, other sub grantees and/or commission staff..